Mrs India Kowser Khan defies age, rules the planet

Mrs India Kowser Khan defies age, rules the planet

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By Our Correspondent

While you can’t turn back the hands of time and defy ageing, you can cheat it a little and that pretty much suffices – or so believes Bengaluru-based model and mum of two, Kowser Khan, who was recently crowned Mrs India Planet 2016 this Sunday. In the midst of her preparations for international rung of the pageant, where she will be representing the country, the affable winner tells us more….

Oozing every bit of the quintessential beauty-queen like elegance, Kowser reveals her obsession for beauty dates back to early childhood.

“I’ve always been attracted to beauty, whether it’s nature, fashion or people. I remember catching myself looking in the mirror a lot when I was as young as four!” quips the 54-year-old mother of two, who also bagged the Mrs India Karnataka’16 title, early this March. Quiz her if participating in pageants was always on her mind, and pat comes the reply, “I was about 20, when I saw a picture of a crowned Miss India on the front page of a leading newspaper. That very moment, I felt the desire of earning the title of a beauty queen one day. While I wasn’t reverently working towards it, it was always on the back of my mind. In fact, the very thought of facing a camera gets my face beaming and sends a current of energy into my body – I love it!”

While attributing her success to her family’s unwavering faith, the city-based mother staunchly believes it was self- motivation that drove her to chase her dreams. “When my husband passed away three years ago, my family offered all the support and ensured I channel my time and energy into fruitful activities. I couldn’t have asked for more. But at the same time, I believe women must be their own hero. I derive immense strength from spiritual teaching and inspirational books. It’s imperative to develop inner strength. It’s largely my positive outlook that got me to participate, prove myself and win contests that most women of my age wouldn’t really think of!”

Despite the rigorous preparations for the international rung of Mrs Planet, the reigning beauty queen makes time to indulge her other passions. “Dancing, poetry and painting are part of my daily schedule. I believe physical activity is indispensable for a great body and mind,” says Kowser, who is also working with a charitable trust that deals in financing underprivileged women and offers free education to their children. “It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can do my bit to empower women, because that’s exactly what India needs right now,” she adds.

Unfazed by the hullabaloo around her recent victory, Kowser believes in taking things as it comes. “Right now I’m just relaxing, rejoicing and sinking in the feeling of winning the crown! I’ll also be actively involved in a lot of activities as I’m an expert multi-tasker. I think the more you work, the more positive energy you generate from within – that’s the secret.”