Raja releases make brisk businesses

Raja releases make brisk businesses

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Lead stars vie of share of honour


BHUBANESWAR: Usually Raja and Dussehra are the two festivals during which maximum number of films are released in Odisha. This year, three new Odia films have released during Raja festival. The films are ‘Agystya’, ‘Prema re prema re  ‘ and ‘Love Station.’

Last year also three film hit the theatre during Raja – ‘Gapa Helebi Sata’ starring star couple Anubhav and Barsha, ‘Super Michhua’ starring Babushan and Jhilik and Arindam,Jhlik and Anisha starrer ‘Love You Hamesha.’

All the three lead actor Anubhav, Babushan  and Arindam were in the Rajo race this year. Except Jhilik, Elina and Sheetal have appeared in the Raja race this year as leading actress. Last year Jhilik appeared in two films while Varsha appeared in one film.

Sarthak Home Productions, has come up with its 18th movie “Prema Re Prema Re’starring popular star Arindam Roy with Sheetal in the leads and supported by well known actors Aparajita, Mihir Das and Hari. Produced by Sitaram Agrawal, the movie is directed by Sudhanshu Sahu while Bikash Das has scored the song.

Singers Niveditaand Sourin Bhatt have lent their voices in Prema Re Prema Re.

Tarang Cine Productions’ Rajo release ‘Love Station’ starring Babushan Mohanty and Elina Samantray in the lead is doing brisk business.

Produced by Jagi Mangat Panda and directed by Ashok Pati, the film has Abhijeet Majumdar asits music director.  Humane Sagar has lent his voice for the title track and this is the fifth movie which has been produced by Tarang Cine Productions till now.

‘Agastya’pProduced by well-known NRI businessman Akshay Parija and directed by K. Murali Krishna, has brought together Ollywood’s two leading actors Anubhav and Akash Das Nayak with actress Jhilik in the lead. The film also boasts of screen stealing presence from veteran actors like Mihir Das, Priyanka Patnaik, Minaketan, Manoj Mishra, Munna Sethi, Salil Mitra.

Prem Anand has scored the music.

Agastya has many firsts to its credit. One of the exclusives being Indian Idol Ananya Sritam Nanda lending her voice in three beautiful numbers “Dhire Dhire Bhala Paigali“ (2 versions) and “Chota Chota Ei Mana Tale.” This is her first debut in the Ollywood industry. Humane, Bishnu, Sricharan, Satayajit, Sangram, Asutosh Mohanty, Tarikh Ajij and Pragnya have also lent their voice while Arun Mantry, Subrata Swain and Prem Anand have penned down the songs.

Last year Ashok Pati’s   directed  Super Michuua was in the hit list while Murali Krishna Gapa Hele Be Sata  was second in the hit list. This year again, both directors are in the race repeating their super heroes in the leads. While Love Stationand Prema Re Prema Re ‘revolve round love stories, Agystya is packed with full action.

It is alleged that some of these films are remakes and lift-offs of Telugu, kannada and Hindi commercial movies. But it is the audiencethat counts rather than critics. It is a welcome note in this age when dragging audience to a theatre to watch a movie is a hard task; Odia films are continuing to have houseful shows during Raja festivities.